Author Fees

Reguler: IDR 500,000
Fast Track: IDR 1,000,000
Hardcopy: 150,000/edition/pcs

All authors who are willing to submit in JIKM are expected to read all author guidelines, and each author will be charged an administration fee of IDR 50,000 while submitting the article
. If the manuscript is accepted, the author has to pay the remaining administration fee of IDR 450,000,-
. If the manuscript is rejected, there is no refund for the submission fee

Hello to all readers/authors who are willing to submit articles to JIKM. All authors have to read all author guidelines and fill out a publication statement. Based on the results of the team meeting on Februari 2023, we decided that every author who is willing to submit to JIKM is required to pay an advance of IDR 50,000,- for further processing. Please transfer the fee to BNI account 1729048289 on behalf of Azizah
If you do not complete these requirements, the submission will not be processed

Thank You